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More of the Las Vegas Skyline.The Las Vegas Skyline from my window.Just gotta have a WinnebagoAn even better Winnebago.The LVH as it's now called, seen better days I reckon.The Hoover DamHoover Dam water intake towers.The new bridge over the Colorado River.The Hoover Dam with the high water mark visible. The water has been in retreat since 1987 when it peaked.A monument (not really sure for what).Another view of the bridge and Colorado River.This monument is self explanatory.An important man in the bridge's construction.Another view of the monument to something American.The only marked grave at the site and it's for a dog. The name of the dog was originally on the plaque.The dog was named for it's black colour and the name was removed from the plaque as it was "offensive" to African Americans.The interior of the Forum Shopping Mall, Caesars Palace.Another pic of the Forum Mall, Caesars Palace.One of the many little displays in the Forum Mall.Anyone for a pair of Cowboy (or Cowgirl) Boots?

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